Foam Columns & Foam Pillars

A vertical architectural element, usually a rounded shaft with a capital and a base, which in most cases serves as a support. A column may also be nonstructural, used for a decorative purpose or as a freestanding monument.

Limitless possibilities

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A foam column is a vertical architectural element, which usually includes a rounded shaft with a capital and a base and serves as a support for the column itself. A column may also be nonstructural yet fully functional, and you can use it for decorative purposes or as a freestanding monument to add charm to your home or outdoor space. The cost of constructing a foam column is significantly less than it would be to build a column with traditional concrete and other building materials. Our architectural foam columns provide the appearance and durability of stone—they make the perfect alternative to costly concrete columns.

We are always willing to custom design and develop any form you see fit. Along with striving for complete design freedom, we also have an extensive line of unique "stock" designs from which to choose.

Whole Columns

Column Wraps

Square or Round

We make custom Column wraps to fit around posts that are round or square.

Half & corner Columns

We can make half columns that go up against a wall, or columns that will fit seamlessly in any corner space.

Custom Pieces

We will make your columns to the exact specifications you provide to ensure a perfect fit for your project.

Column Wrap Profiles

Don't forget to check out our Caps & Bases!

Our Capitals and Bases add more style to your columns! Take a look at our unique profiles, or provide drawings of your own!

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