Custom Foam Packaging

Specific or uniquely tailored material (in this case foam) designed to transport a product safely during transit between destinations.

Limitless Possibilities

Custom is what we do!

For specific and uniquely tailored custom foam packaging inserts, shop Foam Factory’s inventory of foam packaging inserts. Our customized packaging design can assist you with the transportation and overall product safety you need while in-transit to and from your destination(s).

We are always willing to design custom foam packaging and develop any form you see fit. Along with striving for complete design freedom, we also have an extensive line of unique "stock" designs from which to choose.

Custom Foam Packaging & Foam Packaging Inserts

Foam has proven to be one of the best materials available for packaging products safely! Whether you need a single package for a prized possession, or several thousand cases for a mass-produced part, we can help!

Charcoal foam a surface that is difficult to damage, making it a great product for long term use. It is perfect for packaging delicate items, as it will hold a professional appearance without being easily ruined.

Our charcoal egg crate (Convoluted) foam packaging is the perfect material to protect your belongings. This soft but firm texture will ensure a safe transit , or safe long term storage for many years.

This foam is perfect for small light, or fragile products. This is also a great material for anything that may require long transit, or may exchange several handlers before arriving to its destination.

This is a closed cell foam that is light weight & low cost. This is available in a few different densities, and offers great protection for products that are fragile or prone to damage from transit or shock.

We Make Packaging For:

  • Instruments
  • Models
  • Electronics
  • Cameras
  • Mass Production Packaging
  • Weapons
  • Shipping
  • Almost Anything!
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Our team of highly trained, and experienced packaging designers have been providing custom shipping & packaging products for 41 years. We  provide custom foam Packaging solutions to ensure your product or prized possession arrives to its destination safely! 

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