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Foam Crown Molding

A type of decorative strip used where a wall meets the ceiling, with a curved face and chamfers on the edges; also called cornice.

Limitless possibilities

Custom is what we do!

Typically used as a decorative element, foam crown molding is a strip of material that you can place at the edges of where a wall meets the ceiling or floor. We can design and create our foam crown molding pieces with a curved face and decorative edges, adding character and charm to every room in your house. Increase the value of your home with a low-cost, easily installed foam crown molding, creating a timeless and sophisticated design point. Plus, we offer the largest collection of foam crown molding designs to give you the special look you’ve been dreaming of!

With the ability to design and develop any custom form that you desire, allows for complete design freedom, making your home as unique as you want! We also have an extensive line of unique "stock" designs for you to choose from.

Foam Crown Molding Profiles:

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